June 15h, 6pm

Moving into Sunlight: Decolonial Curatorial Practice as Collective Care
Interactive lecture by Kathy-Ann Tan

In a global moment where intersectional forms of systemic oppression, racism and social injustice continue to be the norm, decolonial strategies of resistance and self-empowerment in/ through art and performance are ever more imperative. This interactive talk will discuss and expand upon decolonial artistic and curatorial practices that are anchored in bodily practice. We will use Audre Lorde’s conviction in the “replenishing and provocative force” of the erotic in her essay “The Uses of the Erotic, the Erotic as Power” as our point of departure. How can anti-colonial narratives be collectively composed and articulated by the body as a living archive of tacit knowledge, erotic power and resistance? How can the activation of body-based artistic practices challenge dominant western systems of representation and foreground instead anti-colonial traditions of knowledge, ritual, healing, intimacy, care and collectivity? Within the spaces of the dominantly white western art academy/ university, how can one develop a critical practice that challenges whiteness as the unmarked given? We will dwell on these questions in order to create a space for discussion and conversation around the notion of decolonial curatorial practice as a practice of collective care.

Due to its interactive character this event is limited to 20 participants. It will happen online and be held in English, questions can also be asked in German.

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Kathy-Ann Tan is a Berlin-based curator, writer and independent scholar of visual art and performance, postcolonial and decolonial theory, and gender / queer studies. She is interested in alternative models of art dissemination, exhibition-making and institution-building that are attuned to issues of social justice. Her ongoing project decolonial-artarchives.com aims to collaboratively build a forum for artists, curators and cultural workers to develop ways of interrogating colonial narratives. https://www.decolonialartarchives.com/


Die Veranstaltung findet im Rahmen von Körperpolitiken im Ausstellungskontext statt und ist Teil der fortlaufenden Veranstaltungsreihe #kuratorischepraxis.